Sunday, July 29, 2012

Switching my blog over...

Here goes...(Copied from previous blog Originally posted July 17, 2012)

My name is Krysta and a Pinterestaholic. Going on about 6 months now.
There. Got that out of the way.
I have been meaning to get on the bloggy bandwagon for a while...have had a few attempts but always slipped up and lost interest in posting stuff.
For the past few months I have been prepping for a craft fair. My first one. What do I make you ask? I am not sure. I have been trying to stockpile little projects and am pretty much winging it. I am riding on the coat tails of my friend and neighbour who makes Shabby Chic signs. So at least she'll have some good stuff at our table.
But in my search for "My Inner Crafty" Pinterest has become my best friend. I have a board dedicated to things I have ACTUALLY made from things I have pinned.
So in the days to follow I hope to post pics and little reviews/tutorials on how these "pins" were to make etc.
While you wait with bated breath I am sure...just check out my link and see what I have made. Feel free to discuss and share your results too.
Happy DIY-ing.

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