Monday, January 21, 2013

Cleaning on the Cheap!

Wow I guess it's been too long since I have posted anything. I assure you though I am going to have some cool projects up soon. Having fun planning and getting half way through many ideas lol.

For the first time in 13 years I have my days to myself again. Currently unemployed and loving it. I am truly blessed to have a husband that just really enjoys me being at home contentedly making dinner, baking, crafting and cleaning the house. Fine by me!! In my free time I have been purging and getting our home organized and livable. I have been totally loving Peter Walsh's 31 Days to Get Organized. Fun 10 min Challenges posted every day in Jan. Check it out on Facebook. Very inspiring.
Well in the last year our financial situation has changed drastically. I am coming out with it and admitting to our struggle through a ...dun dun duuuuuh....Bankruptcy.
We are slowly but surely learning to live within our means... albeit measly means.
In that time though I have learned so much about DIY and doing things on the cheap it's been really amazing.

I want to share with you all today 3 cheap/homemade cleaning products that work: I am sure you have all seen some of these on Pinterest but I wanted to to give you the real deal review and breakdown.

Vinegar\Dishsoap Cleaner
One Part Vinegar One Part Dish Soap
(although I add water to mine)
This one here... is.AMAZEBALLS!
Honestly. I am pretty much the kind of gal who thinks that if it's not full of bleach and chemicals it's not going to work. I assure you, this one works. 
I use it for my bathroom always. Spray in the shower or tub and leave for thirty mins. Easy Peasy! Not much elbow grease involved either. I am thinking mixing a bit of bleach into that combo may be a stinky poisonous mess, but if I could I would in order to get the jets cleaned in my tub.
Any chemist-y smart peoples out there who would like to comment on that further please feel free.

Homemade Citrus Cleaner
Ok this one here takes some time but once you get going with the rotation it is really great.
Basically you soak the peels of about 2 oranges in a mason jar filled to the brim with Vinegar for 2 weeks.(I mark my lid with the date filled and the date to use)
Pour your crazy citrus pickle liquid into a spray bottle and add one part water (more if you find it too strong)
Use to clean hardwood or laminate flooring. The perfect solution for spot cleaning.

Cascade Dishwashing Liquid 
As Toilet Gel!
Not really rocket science but I came to this conclusion last week.
Cascade has bleach, smells citrusy, and is low suds....

Not unlike...Super Expensive Toilet Gel!
You can get a huge bottle of Cascade for the price of 1.5 Bottles of Toilet Gel.

Keep one for Toilet use only or if you are really up to the challenge, refill and old toilet duck bottle with Cascade to get into those hard to reach nasty recesses of your stink bowl.

So there you go...Have fun with those little tips and tidbits of  fun, thrifty ideas.

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