Monday, November 12, 2012

Back at'er....

I finally made some stuff...
It's been so long!!!
Here are some little crafts I worked on over the weekend...

First is the signs made from vintage graphics and reclaimed construction materials.
I also bought a box of Christmas thingees at an Antique store and used a few of those.

As always I have to thank The Graphics Fairy for most of these awesome vintage graphics!!

This little cutie is a demo I made for an upcoming class at our Shop.
I saw it on Pinterest and HAD to make one.
So cute...And easy.
Terracotta Pot and Plate
A bowl that fit
a cute knob
Spray Paint, ribbon, Jewelers glue and a waterslide decal!
It will be a PERFECT xmas craft for moms and kids.


  1. i just love all of these! cant wait to see them instore!

  2. oooh, these are super cool!!! hopefully you have some left for my next visit!! Jody =P