Saturday, September 29, 2012

Le tableau

Hi all...

I had to share my first project done in van Gogh Chalk Paint.

As usual I forgot to take a picture of the table before...But you was a standard 80s kind of thing. Solid as a rock though. Believe me, I may or may not have broken a rib whilst lifting this on the work table in the shop. It's a heavy mofo.

Now that we have our beautiful stock at Cameo Boutique I have a myriad of colours to choose from and choosing a combo between all these combos is a difficult process...
I have shared this palette before but, what the heck I am going to again
Well I was a boring gal and picked Mascara underneath and Halo on top....
the paint is a dream! It's everything you have wanted when refinishing furniture.

La Pièce de résistance...
The French caffeine wax that goes on top. This stuff is the "da bomb" and the best part is you can get this stuff alll over you and you don't have to worry about any nasty petroleum products. It's made from Bee's Wax!!! Right next door on Saltspring Island by Claphams

So Here It Is Mon Tableau:

and as usual I have to thank Karen from The Graphics Fairy for the wonderful French Graphic on the glass top. I enlarged the image and reversed it, taped it face down on the top of the glass and painted with paint pens on the underside of the glass.


  1. Thanks Kathy!! Let me know what you think of all the info I have posted on here about VGCPC. If you have any to add...or take away just let me know :D