Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In the Thick of It!!!

We are into our first week of Homeschool! It's been a very nice change of pace for my daughter and I. No more fighting in the morning to get on the bus at 7:40. No more hairdo and outfit meltdowns! Although our son is still attending public school his independence at 14 is very helpful during the mornings. I still get up with him and make sure he has a healthy lunch and get him out the door. Then, because Mila LOVES to sleep in I get my morning tea to myself. At this point I have been just trying to complete her Learning Plan. I also clean homes 2-3 times per week and Mila uses that couple hours to use the laptop to do some learning games and drawing. So far we have attended one 4Cats Art Class and a Cloverbuds 4H meeting. Yesterday we went to the Library and signed out a lot of books! Everyday we do Calendar (days of the week, weather, season etc.) She also insists on doing Show and Tell daily.

   I will be posting her learning plan on here when it has been finalized. That way others may get some idea of how this should be laid out and what to include. So far SelfDesign is very hugely involved in making sure you are covering all the bases. I like this because then I don't feel as though I am floundering along without a plan or a semblance of a plan anyway.

I am hoping to add some templates as I complete them, for day and lesson planning. I love lists and schedules that I can make and change! So far I haven't found anything that coincides with SelfDesign's Learning Praxis.

Well I better go and wake up my sleeping beauty so we can start our day! It's beautiful here today!!

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