Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Light Tent

Ok, so I have had a really awesome camera for 3 years now and slowly but surely I am getting the hang of things. Still I probably delete more pictures than I keep, but that is the beauty of digital.
I remember the days of film.... Taking 24 exposures on your $6 roll of 35mm film and "thinking" you got some totally rad shots. Taking it to the 1 hour photo place to be "developed", paying the standard $12, opening the envelope, and the folder full of pics, sifting through the negatives...there they are...your masterpieces?...cue Price is Right loser music...wha wha whaaaaah.. A bunch of BS over exposed blurry crap... Thankfully the photography depression is over....
In walks the Digital SLR era, throw in PhotoShop...Now EVERYBODY and their dog is a pro!
Sort of.
It still takes an amazing amount of skill, creativity and VERY expensive equipment.

Since doing my crafting and stuff I have been overly frustrated trying to take decent pics of my creations.

Here is a great addition and must have piece of photog. equipment. The best part was it was free for me to make because I already had almost everything on hand.

Super easy to make! I left the fabric as a little curtain in the front so I could just stick the camera through whilst keeping yellow light out. I also took pictures in my windowless bathroom with the lights off.  I set a work light on the counter and shone it down on the top. My bathroom is teeny so I set the light tent on my toilet. 
Here's what I got:

I was very happy with the results.
You can also experiment by adding lights on the sides as well as the top.
Every budding photographer or DIYer should make one of these, it's definitely an essential.

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